Hi, I'm Juli.

The central question I explore through my work and the work of others is "How can we become more compassionate and content - with ourselves and others?"

To explore this question, I write, read, watch, and observe. I love the internet and the world of film as much as I love timeless writing and ancient philosophy.

There are infinite ways to lead a beautiful life. This online home is where I share mine and I hope it brings you joy.

You'll find a lot of serendipity here, as well as suggestions to better love and take care of ourselves.

I believe self-responsibility and self-awareness are key to inner contentment and our ability to extend ourselves to others. I also believe these things can happen simultaneously.

Either way, I'm so glad you're here.

Here's what you should know about me

  • I was born in 1991.
  • My passport is Hungarian. I was born in Budapest and I now live in Vienna, Austria.
  • Both cities hold a special place in my heart and I call them both my home.
  • My biggest mental passion is writing and my biggest bodily passion is indoor bouldering.
  • My MBTI result is ENFP and my Enneagram test says I'm a 7w6. I strongly identify with my types.
  • I prefer mountains anytime to the sea.
  • I believe self-awareness is the key to help others and healthy relationships.
  • I have a newsletter. It's called The Self-Letter and I send it weekly to help others get to know and love themselves better.
  • I also run an online business where I teach people to learn Hungarian.
  • I lived in Germany (10 years), Hungary (13 years), and Austria (7 years).
  • At the crisp age of 21, I traveled in India alone for 3 months and it was one of my most defining experiences.
  • I studied business and (socio-)economics and worked for multinational companies before I decided to quit and work for myself.
  • One of my philosophies is to not trade time for money as time is invaluable, and also all we ever have.
  • Since then, I traveled to 49 countries.
  • Currently, I enjoy the ordinary more than ever.
  • Here's what I do

    This website is brand new, so I'm still all over the place but here's an overview of my most important work:

    The best way to connect with me and read what I read or wrote is through The Self-Letter (my weekly newsletter).

    You can read all my long-form articles here.

    Here are the 3 which people liked most:

    You can see what I curate on the blog.

    I only recommend stuff that can add to your well-being and contentment.

    Oh, and you can follow me on Twitter so I can literally keep you posted.

    Also, I love hearing from people, so please email me at juli.horvath3 at gmail.com and introduce yourself. I answer every email.

    I love to get to know humans around the world and some of my strongest connections are with people I never saw in real life.

    I believe there's always common ground between two people and I'd love to learn about ours.