5 Humbling Lessons From My Lifelong Battle With Insomnia

It’s a harsh teacher.Image by Gerhard G. from PixabayEvery few weeks, my bed becomes a place of dread and horror. I’ve struggled with insomnia ever since I was a child.Sometimes, it’s just one night of bad sleep. Sometimes, it’s weeks. Once, I didn’t sleep at all for three day...

7 Powerful Essays That’ll Help Put Your Anxiety in Perspective

An exploration of fear, the most faithful human companion.I’m a natural worrier. While I enjoy the little spontaneities of everyday life, on bad days, fear gets the best of me. To not know which calamities await me further down the road and what I can do to prevent them can dr...

An Ode to the Word "AND"

We have to actively practice to replace the word or with and. While or creates division and stands for pigeon-holing ourselves and others, and stands for inclusivity and compassion.