Trey Edward Shults's Waves

Waves was one of the few movies which touched me on several levels. It deals with human fallibility and what it means to make grave mistakes. It depicts the worst deeds in the most possible human light, as it shows how violence (physical or psychological) precedes violence and how tenderness will finally follow.

We’re both bigger and smaller than our actions: We aren’t our mistakes and have inherent value, worthiness, and humanity regardless of what we do. Nevertheless, our deeds make waves which reach a lot further and touch more people than we could fathom.

Also, it’s all cyclical like the ebb and flow: New life and growth will happen on our remnants - even if we’re ruined.

In the end, waves is a movie about human nature. Nothing in it felt unnatural or even scripted. It’s a human tragedy we’re all at least as close to as to reaching our dreams.

I really liked this New York Times-interview with Schults about his background and motivation that connect him personally to his dramas.