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It's an inquisitive and free-spirited email in which I show you everything I learned about self-awareness and self-responsibility.

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Each email comes with one powerful idea, inspiration, or exercise to help you learn more about yourself or your place in the world.

💭 The philosophy

There are 3 levels of self-awareness that can never be separated from each other:

1. 🧘‍♀️ Personal level: meditation, personal ethics & practice, creativity;

2. 🤝 Interpersonal level: our individual relationships, how we treat others, how others treat us;

3. 🌍 Collective level: social awareness, activism, our awareness of and how we treat non-human living beings.

Mindfulness alone is just navel-gazing. The Self-Letter is about all 3 levels.

📜 What it looks like

The Self-Letter has two parts.

The first part introduces an idea, tool, or philosophy that helps you cultivate healthy, holistic self-awareness.

In the second part, I point you to 5 further resources (articles, podcasts, websites, people, etc.) I enjoyed which either made me think, enhanced my week, or helped me become a better human.


Feel free to browse the archives for a better idea. 📚

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Go this way to receive my weekly email, the Self-Letter. 💌